In industrial materials trade,
we are the domestic and overseas(except South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Iran) authorized agent of GUIBAO brand and silicone sealant series products. And we export various industrial materials, including types of titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, graphene and other metal materials, paints and coatings, and composite materials for high-end equipment.

In machinery and equipment trade,
we involve in the field of ships and have in-depth cooperation with South Korea Hyundai and Doosan. MAN, HHI, MTU, KEMEL, Vesconite and other well-known companies are our partners. We also involve in the supply of large-scale servers, with a volume of 10 million transactions.
In the food and drink trade,
we import and export prepared food, snacks, tea, Chinese liquor, etc. And we are the agent in Chinese market of Gies family which is an Australian's century-old winery. In the crafts trade,
we created the brand 'Yi Heng Shang Pin', committed to the promotion of traditional Chinese cultural handicrafts, and lauched in Sunrise Duty-Free Shop and Amazon. Otherwise, we also act as an agent for a variety of survival kit products of the American SURVIVAL.

As for business services,
we provide full-process solutions such as exhibition organization and participation, international logistics and customs clearance, as well as domestic and international business reception.

Maida Yiheng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1996, headquartered in Beijing and established stable and mature business lines after nearly 30 years of development. Currently, the company is mainly engaged in import and export trade and international business services. The business lines involve import and export trade(including industrial materials, machinery and equipment, food and drink, Chinese traditional handicrafts, etc.). Furthermore, the company also supplies domestic and international exhibitions, business services, as well as engineering contracting, etc. Over the years, the company has long-term partnerships in Germany, the United States, Australia and other countries.
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Maida Yiheng
Import and Export Co., LTD.
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