How to effectively prevent the sealant from bulging

Issuing time:2023-04-20 10:33

In terms of design:

The joint width of curtain walls should be calculated based on the appendix of JGJ 102-2003 "Technical Specification for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering" in practical engineering applications; Increasing the joint design width appropriately can reduce bulging.

Choose high-quality silicone weather resistant sealant

High quality products are the primary key factor in creating high-quality projects. In response to the problem of bulging in aluminum curtain walls, it is recommended to use aluminum curtain wall special adhesive. After application, the product has a fast curing speed and is less affected by the external environment. It can form a strong layer of gel in a short period of time, reducing bulging phenomenon.

Select foam rod with proper diameter

Apply adhesive according to standard construction process flow

The diameter of foam rod shall be 120% of the joint width. A variety of foam rods can be selected to meet the needs of different widths of joints on site, and the length should be consistent with the joint length.

Pay attention to temperature and external influences during construction

Please avoid the peak temperature period during construction and choose the appropriate time for construction. A cloudy day is the best time to rush to work. When the seasons change, the temperature is high during the day and the humidity is high. If construction is carried out in the morning, it is particularly easy to bulge (such as gluing in the morning, exposing the panels to sunlight in the afternoon, and causing bulges due to shrinkage of gaps). Therefore, construction should be carried out in the evening when the sun sets, or appropriate shading measures should be taken, such as using dust nets to cover the scaffolding, so that the panels are not directly exposed to sunlight, reducing the temperature of the panels, and reducing joint deformation caused by temperature differences.

Two applications of glue

When onsite conditions permit, two applications of adhesive can be used! First, apply a concave adhesive joint, wait for it to cure for 2-3 days, and then apply a layer of adhesive on its surface after it becomes elastic. It should be noted that when applying the second layer of adhesive, the surface of the first layer of adhesive should be kept clean and free of dust and other stains, otherwise the two layers of adhesive cannot form effective bonding.

The problem of bulging when using silicone weather resistant adhesive in aluminum panel curtain walls is closely related to factors such as joint design, on-site construction environment, process, and selection of weather resistant adhesive. Especially during the construction period of seasonal alternation, construction should be carried out according to the standard construction process of silicone weather resistant adhesive, and special sealant for aluminum curtain walls should be selected to reduce the phenomenon of bulging of aluminum curtain walls.

Silicone 998 silicone weather resistant sealant is specifically designed for the weather resistant sealing of various types of curtain walls, which can effectively avoid the problems of bulging and foaming of adhesive joints, including aluminum curtain walls. It has a displacement capacity of 35 levels and excellent adhesion, elasticity, and elongation. At present, it has successfully served numerous key engineering projects such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, Xi'an Silk Road International Convention Center, Lhasa Gongga Airport, Dong'anhu Sports Center, Tianfu International Airport, etc.

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