Beijing Maida Yiheng Import and Export Co., Ltd. participated in JFEX

Issuing time:2023-08-25 10:17


Beijing Maida Yiheng Import and Export Co., Ltd. participated in the Japan International Food Exhibion.

The Japan International Food Exhibition is held in the Yuming International Convention and Exhibition Center of Tokyo, Japan, and focuses on professional and trade exhibitions of all-category foods and beverages from all over the world. As a business platform for importing and purchasing Japanese food, the Japanese Food Export Exhibition and the Japanese Trade Revitalization Agency Jetro jointly sponsored, and Japan, Agriculture, Forestry and Aquatic Products, as co-organizers, at the same time, the exhibition was strongly supported by the Japanese government.

Our exhibits include tea (chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, green tea, black tea), Guizhou sauce-flavored liquor, and prefabricated vegetables. In this exhibition, we hope to convey a piece of important information: diet is not only a tool for meeting physiological needs, but also a cultural carrier and a link between people to communicate. We hope that by showing various diets, people will pay more attention to and cherish the value of food, and feel the common points between different cultures in the process of tasting food.

First of all, our tea shows the unique charm of traditional Chinese tea culture. Chrysanthemum tea has attracted the interest of many visitors with its aroma and health effects. The fragrance aroma and unique taste of Jasmine Tea have also been loved by everyone. Green tea and black tea show the diversity and quality of Chinese tea. Visitors highly praised our tea products and expressed their willingness to cooperate further.

Secondly, our Guizhou sauce-flavored liquor has aroused the interest of many visitors. As one of the traditional Chinese wines, Guizhou sauce-flavored liquor is famous for its unique brewing process and strong aroma. During the exhibition, we introduced the brewing process and the characteristics of the wine to the visitors and provided the wine-tasting experience. Visitors have expressed a high evaluation of our liquor and expressed their interest in further cooperation.

In the end, our prefabricated dishes were also recognized by the exhibition visitors. As a convenient choice in a modern fast-paced life, prefabricated dishes are very popular for their convenience, health and deliciousness. Our prefabricated dishes show the essence of traditional Chinese dishes and combine modern cooking techniques and ingredients. Visitors are highly interested in our prefabricated dishes and affirmed the quality and taste of the product.

In general, participating in the Tokyo Food Exhibition in Japan was a very successful experience. Our exhibit of tea leaves, Guizhou sauce-flavored liquor and prefabricated dishes have been widely recognized and praised. Through this exhibition, we have established contact with many potential customers and laid the foundation for future cooperation. We will continue to work hard to improve product quality and service level, and bring high-quality Chinese food to more international markets.

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