Product Detail

563 high-performance environmentally friendly universal adhesive for interior decoration


Product Features:

Single -group, easy to use;

Neutral solidification, environmental protection without corrosion;

With most home decoration materials such as::

Glass, ceramics, marble, aluminum alloy,

Tile tiles have good adhesion.

The main purpose:

Indoor and outdoor glass, tiles, decorative materials, walls, flooring, ceiling, ground sutures, etc. are sealed;

The furniture is sealing and sealing of the furniture, and the furniture is sealed and sealed.

Use limit:

It cannot be used as a structural sealing and curtain -to -weather seal; it cannot be used for places where dense and ventilated; should not be used for the surface of the material that can exude oil, plasticizers or solvents; The surface temperature of the material is not suitable for construction when the surface temperature of the material is lower than 4 ° C or more than 50 ° C.

Construction method:

Clean the surface of the bonding material with solvent or other methods;

Use a glue gun to squeeze the rubber from the tube to the interface;

Repair before the glue has not yet solidified.

Execution standard:



Black, gray, white or agreed color.

Packaging specifications:

300ml/branch; 500ml film.

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