Product Detail

561 Environmental Protection Kitchen and Sanitary Mold Prevention Special Adhesive (Long acting)


Product Features:

Unique bacteriostatic formula,

Can effectively prevent the growth of mold;

Single in a group divide in neutral solidification,Easy to use; and most ceramics, glass,Wall tiles have good adhesion.

The main purpose:

Used for various types of kitchen utensils, toilet ware seams to prevent mold sealing;

Walls and ground line seams used for indoor decoration;

Other places that need to inhibit bacteriography, mildew, waterproof, and sealing.

Use limit:

It cannot be used as a structural sealing and curtain -resistant sealing;

Should not be used for the surface of all materials that can exudate oil, plasticizers or solvents;

Should not be used on the application of lacquer on the surface of the sealing gel;

At 50 ° C, it is not suitable for construction.

Execution standard:

JC/T 885-2016


White and transparent.

Packaging specifications:


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