Product Detail

532 two-component polyurethane corner adhesive


Product Features:

Double components, moisture solidification, quickly fixed;

After curing, it has strong adhesion strength and hardness

Neutral, non -toxic, non -irritating odor,

No solvents, isocyanate and PVC,

No pollution, green environmental protection;

Good weather resistance and aging resistance,

Can improve the service life of doors and windows;

High and low temperature performance is good,

Maintain normal performance at the temperature of -40 ℃ ~+100 ℃;

It has good adhesion with a variety of substrates;

The construction is simple and flexible, and the manual and equipment are applied.

The main purpose:

Applicable to the structure of the corner codes such as aluminum alloy, steel -plastic co -squeeze, wood aluminum composite, aluminum -plastic composite, etc.

Elastic bonding of polyester components and metal frames;

Ploid system and insulation material bonding;

Other parts that require structural bonding.

Use limit:

Due to the differences between the variety of materials and the difference between the batch, the base material may be reduced, and the adhesion test must be performed before construction;

Can not be used in places that are not ventilated;

It is not suitable for the surface of all materials that exudes fat, plasticizers or solvents;

It is not suitable for the interface of large variable positions;

It is not suitable for frost or humid surfaces;

When the surface temperature of the material is lower than 4 ° C or exceeds 50 ° C, it is not suitable for construction.

Execution standard:

JC/T 2560-2020


Light yellow.

Packaging specifications:

600ml installation.

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