Product Detail

990 Ceramic Plate Special Adhesive


Product Features:

Single group division, neutral room temperature solidification

No harmful solvents such as benzene and formaldehyde,

No odor, low VOC;

After curing, the elasticity of the bonding surface is excellent;

Suitable for bonding a variety of different substrates, and good adhesion;

Reversed and aging -resistant performance, high and low temperature changes;

The main purpose:

Suitable for the bonding and repair of tiles, ceramic plates and other interior decorative materials;

Applicable to the back stickers of tiles, ceramic plates and other indoor decorative materials;

Suitable for the composite of decorative materials and base materials;

Used to the surface that needs to be sprayed or painted.


Silicon treasure ceramic large glue is white, gray or black.

Execution standard:

Jc/t 2186-2013

Packaging specification:

Silicon treasure ceramic plate special glue is installed with 300ml, and other packaging forms can be negotiated.


Pay attention to ventilation in the construction and curing area;

Unexplained glue should not touch the skin for a long time. If you accidentally enter your eyes, apply a large amount of water rinse, and seek medical treatment if necessary;

This product is a chemical product, which is prohibited from being consumed, implantation in the body, and avoiding children's contact;

The unskilled sealing glue can be removed by tools. Once solidified, it can only be removed by mechanical methods; the surface of the colloid can be painted after drying, but the coating needs to be preliminary compatible testing.

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